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about us

our mission

Our mission is to create vital, vigorous, and exciting theatre with, by and for children, from all backgrounds. We provide an opportunity for young people to realise their imaginative and creative potential by participating fully as theatre makers, encouraging a lifetime interest in the arts.


We give children a fun experience in a safe, positive, and creative environment, promoting self-awareness and self-confidence through the process of arts based drama.

This provides children with opportunities to develop communication, concentration, and teamwork skills through participation in theatrical projects.

We consistently aim to encourage children to engage their imagination through the invention of characters, sounds, creatures, and stories based on their own ideas. We strive to continue to involve the participants  in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the projects.

our history & aims

Little Red Kettle is a youth based theatre company that services Waterford City and County with it’s inclusive, interactive and educational programmes, through the medium of theatre and drama.


Established in the 1980’s, the company has gone from strength to strength and has a long standing relationship within the community. The programme of work is made up of three main strands: Little Red Kettle Theatre Company, Little Red Kettle Youth Theatre, and Little Red Kettle Schools and Outreach.

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